As a child of summer, in a word, this issue spells ‘party!’

Our host is the sun whose presence is intense and fiercely forward on the scene.  

And because summer is its favorite canvas, the days are felt much longer than the days of any other season.

This means more room for the rays of the sun to vanquish all shadows and shady spots in our lives.

Constellation:  Prosodus

•  Strider Marcus Jones • Kate Gillespie • Abasi Torty Tortivie •  Daniel de Culla •  Laurin Jefferson •  Marlena Chertock • Kelly Cherry (Featured Poet) • Adrian Cepeda  •  Alisha Grace Scott  •  Catherine Zickgraf  •  Stephen Pusateri •  Kenneth Pobo •  Glen Wilson  •  Dd. Spungin •  Wes Civilz •  April Mae Berza •  Alan D. Harris •

There is no hiding, no secrets, no darkness at this time of year. Summer is a time of all things light, of forthright joviality, of unabashed expression, and heartfelt, sure-footed action. 

Constellation: Celestina

• Don Kingfisher Campbell • Mark A Fisher • Christopher Grillo • Tim Tipton • John Savoie • Glen Armstrong •  Ann E. Michael  • Craig Kurtz  • Linda M. Crate  • Ace Boggess  • Christopher Barnes  •  Scott Thomas Outlar  • Mike Case  •  Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi •  Marie Lecrivain  •  Jeff Santosuosso  • Stephen McGuinness  • Jude Rawleigh  •

Symbolic of the vitality inherent within every heart, The Syzygy Poetry Journal, like summer, promises to give poetry readers nothing less than the  gift of poetry as life itself – first the ineluctable charm of newborn stars pulsating through our pages, and then the gravitas of the constellations which they will have collectively created with every scintillating issue.

Constellation: Metaphorum

• Frederick Speers • Jamal h. Iqbal •  Caroline Nazareno  • Mark Antony Rossi  •  Vimeesh Maniyur  •  Robert A. Kaufman   •  Rob O’Keefe •  Rich Follett •  Kevin J. Cooley  •  Nick Romeo •  Kelven Ka-shing Lit  •  Marianne Szlyk •  Denise Clemons •  Ivan Jenson •  Keri L. Withington  •  JB Mulligan •  Emma Moser •  Vince Gotera  •

Once a page is read, the reader is left with no more than stardust in the hands -scintillas of new discoveries, of greatness, of wisdom… starting with the first featured Syzygyan Poet, Kelly Cherry.

Welcome to the new Syzygy Poetry Journal. The place to go in inner space for a piece of inner peace


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