Featured Poet

KELLY CHERRY Interviewed by Emeniano Somoza Prologue: I have a confession: I don’t read poems, I simply skip stones on the surface of their shimmering clarity, or forbidding dullness if you will, depending on the poet’s skill; if, by reading, we mean the conscious cognitive process of recognizing letters arbitrarily arranged –by the poet –into  words then into […]

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The Constellations

Prosodus •  Strider Marcus Jones • Kate Gillespie • Abasi Torty Tortivie •  Daniel de Culla •  Laurin Jefferson •  Marlena Chertock •  Kelly Cherry (Featured Poet) • Adrian Cepeda  •  Alisha Grace Scott  •  Catherine Zickgraf  •  Stephen Pusateri •  Kenneth Pobo •  Glen Wilson  •  Dd. Spungin •  Wes Civilz •  April Mae Berza •  Alan D. Harris […]

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